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New generation COB LED with 2-step MacAdam Ellipse.


Phenix 3030 include CRI90 as standard to PJ2N-1FxE-N2R

Phenix 3535 series can drive up to 700mA and 1200mA.


Driver MBI5153, “16-Channel PWM Constant Current LED Driver for 1:32 Time_Multiplexing Applications”






Led Ball Display

1. 360°wonderful Viewing angle - Full range of drawing eyeballs

2. Perfect presentation - Uniform pixel design, no any presentation lose&Special precise CNC size design based on stair route, connecting seamless completely and high uniformity on surface of the ball.

3. Wide application  - Museum, Planetarium, Exhibition, Sports Stadium, Airport, Hotel, Railway Station, Shopping Mall, Bar. etc.

4. Easy Using - Support hanging installation, stand on ground or mobile using.

5. Light structure -Aluminum material structure


IGBT Modules 1200V compatible with Infineon, Fuji and Vincontech